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¡¡¡¡Since its establishment in 1996, with high support of the government, Guangdong Yilong Industry Group Co., Ltd has exerted
its local rich natural resource and the unique superiority of South Asian tropical climate environmental condition to devote itself to develop the farming subsidiary products machining, and has already become the nationwide famous high and new technology enterprise of agricultural subsidiary products machining integrated agriculture, industry, trade and technique. Enterprises are under five.
¡¡¡¡The corporation has covered the acreage of 200 mu, with 40000 square meters of the workshop. It has 2000 tons of tea goods product-line annually, 100 tons of Tea Polyphenol product-line and 5500 tons of Japanese-style salt-soiled plum product-line, etc; besides, there is 5000 mu of tea base. Its subordinate company includes Chaozhou Yilong Plant Technology Co., Ltd, Chaozhou Iron Store Tea machining factory, Sanji Yilong Food Co., Ltd and provincial agriculture technology innovation center.
¡¡¡¡The corporation has always persisted on the tenet ¡°base on the good faith, advanced technology, creates the first class, and moves toward the world¡±, carried out the quality policy of ¡°taking the market as the guidance, taking the quality as foundation, creating the remarkable quality and ensuring to make the customer satisfied¡±, established the management mode of ¡°company + farmer + base¡±, and utilized the natural resources and the science and technology to enhance tea and agricultural subsidiary products add-ons value, to flourish the regional economy, and promote the sustained development of the agricultural industrial production.
¡¡¡¡The main products of the company include the tea polyphenol, the caffeine, the EGCG monomer, the tea ammonia acid, the tea polysaccharide, ¡°treasure of the tea¡± tablets and ginseng tea, Longzhu tea, fast thawing tea, Chinese medicine extraction, fruits and vegetables extraction, etc.
¡¡¡¡The company has abundant technical force, consummate laboratory configuration, and the good advantages, it has undertakes the state-level, the provincial level spark plan projects many times. And it has also positively introduced the ISO9001 quality management system, the US ¡°OU¡± clean food authentication system, and made the related rules and regulations, to ensure the enterprise operate normally.
¡¡¡¡Through decades of striving for success, it has achieved the good result repeatedly: The corporation is awarded to be the national key enterprise of the agricultural industrialization by the country; and awarded the honors of the state-level scientific innovation spark Leading enterprise by the province; and the high and new technology enterprise of Guangdong Province; agriculture scientific innovation center of Guangdong Province; the spark technological industry construction demonstration unit of Guangdong Province; the outstanding private enterprise of Chaozhou; and continuously as the enterprise of ¡°keeping the contract and regarding the credit¡± for 14 years; and the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, etc. With many honors, Yilong will make persistent efforts, depend on the science and the talented person, and develop to the deeper level's science and technology. It'll be willing to cooperate with the domestic and foreign merchants together and create the magnificent new chapter again!

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